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Why Indigo?

  • Cool, clean design

  • High quality electronic cigarettes

  • Great price/performance ratio

  • Always innovating

  • A wide range of flavours to match your current taste

  • Does not include tar, smoke or any of the 4000+ harmful chemicals found in regular cigarettes

Indigo King Size or Slims?

A range of Electronic Cigarettes to suit your style.


The choice between King Size and Slims is really only a matter of your current smoking habit and your style.
Indigo King Size has a bigger battery, a more traditional look and feel, it lasts longer and has the signature Indigo Blue light at its' tip (always a talking point!).


Indigo Slims on the other hand have a style all of their own, the tip is not red or blue, but Indigo Purple and many prefer them because they feel the slim and elegant design looks cooler when out for a drink or a party with friends.

Some people even mix and match, using King Size as an "every day" e-cigarette and Slims when they go out in the evening or for special occasions.

An entire King Size Starter Kit lasts as much as 200 regular cigarettes, while Slims Starter Kits last up to 100 regular cigarettes. Whether you go for Indigo King Size, Indigo Slims or both, we are sure you will be completely satisfied because Indigo e-cigarettes are today's smartest choice.


Simply decide on a type of Indigocig you would like, select a starter kit from the range available and add it to your basket.

Indigo Electronic Cigarette Starter Kits

Indigo Electronic Cigarette Starter Kits are the perfect for all who want to switch to electronic cigarettes.

Indigo Starter Kit
Our entry-level kits come with a battery, a USB charger and 5 cartridges (equivalent to 200 regular cigarettes for the King Size version and 100 regular cigarettes for our Slim version). All our Starter Kits have cartridges that match the flavour of one of the world's most popular brands, with 8mg nicotine strength for King Size and 4mg strength for Slims.

Indigo Starter Kit Plus
For people who smoke more than 30 King Size cigarettes or more than 15 Slim cigarettes per day. Our Starter Kit Plus includes an extra battery to enable you to carry on vaping while charging your spare.

Indigo Flavour Starter Kits
Indigo Flavour Starter Kits enable you to choose an additional set of cartridges to the flavour and strength of your choice. The extra cartridges are included in the specially discounted price.

Indigo Cartridges in Different Flavours

Indigo Electronic Cigarette cartridges come in a wide variety of flavours and strengths and only emit vapour (not smoke) giving you the freedom to smoke virtually anywhere.
We are constantly adding to the range and would welcome your suggestions for new tastes and flavours.

Choose the flavour and then the strength that best suits you. Indigo Electronic Cigarette cartridges are supplied in multiples of 5. Each King Size Cartridge is equivalent to up to 40 regular cigarettes* and each Indigo Slim cartridge equivalent to up to 20 regular cigarettes*

Our range and flavours make Indigo Electronic Cigarettes the best choice for everyday vaping.

* Depending on your smoking style


Indigo Electronic Cigarette Accessories




To keep your Indigo e-cigarettes working 'round the clock' we supply a full range of accessories.


We also supply spare batteries and charging options.








NEW - Dacoma hand-made leather Indigo carrying case.


From an exclusive fashion designer and available in brown or pink from the accessories section of our Store. This stylish carrying case is both convenient and practical.