The World of Indigo Electronic Cigarettes:

Welcome to the world of Indigo Electronic Cigarettes, the cool and accessible alternative to smoking. Enjoy the smooth taste of your favourite cigarette with an Indigo: The Indigo electronic cigarette comes in a wide variety of flavours; it contains none of the over 4000+ harmful chemicals found in regular cigarettes. Since every Starter Kit can last as much as 200 cigarettes, you could save 50% of the money you spend on regular cigarettes when you make the switch to Indigos! Use the savings calculator to see how much you could save when you buy Indigo Electronic Cigarettes.

In our world, Indigo gives you the freedom to smoke virtually anywhere.

Style to Suit You:
Indigo electronic cigarettes match your style perfectly. They come in two sizes – King Size and Slims, with the look and feel of real cigarettes. Indigo King Size e-cigarette can last as much as 40 regular cigarettes. Each has a cool and distinctive Indigo Blue LED light on the tip to ensure it is not confused with a real cigarette. The Indigo Slim version is equivalent to 20 normal cigarettes. Each has a distinctive and stylish Indigo Purple LED light. So, whether you are a heavy smoker who smokes all day or an occasional one who enjoys a cigarette with a cocktail, we have the right product to suit you.

Electronic cigarette technology is constantly moving forward. Indigo utilizes the latest, compact, powerful batteries, giving you a product that looks and feels like a real cigarette. Unlike others, the Indigo Electronic Cigarette is not embarrassing to use. It is easy to carry and has the right amount of power for your everyday vaping needs, all at an accessible price.

In addition, the Indigo Electronic Cigarette is simple to use, with no messy liquid refills and no maintenance or cleaning required. All our products are based on an easy to use two-part system of a powerful battery and a disposable flavour cartridge. Our Research & Development Department constantly updates the elements in our range as technology advances. This ensuring that we always stay ahead, giving you the best performance and value for money.

Habits and lifestyles are constantly changing and many industry experts believe that, in a relatively short period of time, sales of e-cigarettes will overtake those of regular cigarettes. This makes sense, simply because the cost of regular cigarettes keep going up, Governments are imposing bans, and we all know that they are extremely bad for us and those around us. At Indigo we see this change as an evolution, not a revolution. As more people realize the benefits of Indigo Electronic Cigarettes over normal ones, this evolution will gain momentum. Buy an Indigo Electronic Cigarette now and in a few years you could be seen as a Leader of the Evolution.

Social Responsibility:
If you smoke at home, in a restaurant or in the car with your family or simply non-smoking friends, you are putting them at risk. The harmful effects of second-hand (passive) smoke are well documented, and smoking bans are spreading around the world for this very reason. It is not because some people want to ruin the fun; it is simply because second-hand smoke kills. Many of our customers use Indigo when they are in social situations and continue to smoke regular cigarettes when alone. Others switch completely to Indigo. The choice is yours, but you can use Indigo Electronic Cigarettes virtually anywhere, secure in the knowledge that you are not harming others around you. After all, it is the socially responsible thing to do.

Sistemul Indingo

Simple, Easy & Saves you Money

  • Choose between Indigo King Size or Indigo Slims

  • Select a Starter Kit that best matches your taste

  • Start using Indigo Electronic Cigarettes

  • Re-Order refills (Cartridges) in the flavour & strength of your choice from the Store Cartridges Section of this website


"Timp de un an dupa nasterea fetitei mele, am continuat sa merg pe terasa casei ca sa fumez. Indiferent de vreme, eram acolo de patru sau cinci ori pe seara. Cu Indigo, pot fuma in casa si inteleg ce am pierdut de fapt – seri frumoase alaturi de familia mea. Acum ma simt parte a familiei din nou."

Cristian, Bucuresti